17 November 2019 Soccer Predictions Daily and Free by OrganicBet.com

17 November 2019 Free Soccer Predictions by OrganicBet.com. Tips are only shared on this website & TWITTER/organicbet so Please check these places everyday…

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EURO 2020Kosovo - England2,5 over๐Ÿ‘0-4
EURO 2020Serbia - Ukraine2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-2 - 2.00
BELGIUM.AMCS Vise vs La Louviere2,5 over๐Ÿ‘4-1
BELGIUM.AMWesthoek vs Dikkelvenne2,5 over๐Ÿ‘1-3
BELGIUM.AMLonderzeel vs Duffel2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-2
GERMANY.OBNAmmerthal vs Vilzing2,5 over๐Ÿ‘1-3
GERMANY.OHRW Walldorf vs SV Steinbach2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-0
GERMANY.ONSSVg Velbert vs Meerbusch2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-0
GERMANY.ONHilden vs SW Essen2,5 over๐Ÿ‘0-3
GERMANY.OWEnnepetal vs Gรผtersloh2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-2
GERMANY.OWFCE Rheine vs Sprockhรถvel2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-1
GERMANY.RNVfB Oldenburg vs Holstein Kiel B2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-1
ITALY.CCatanzaro vs Catania2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-0 - 1.95
JAMAICACavalier vs Arnett Gardens2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-4 - 3.05
JAPAN.3Kumamoto vs Grulla Morioka2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-0
NETHERLANDS.DOFC Oostzaan vs UNA2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-1
NETHERLANDS.ECambuur vs Almere City2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-1
ROMANIA.WSN Constanta W vs Heniu Prundu W2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-2
ROMANIA.WU. Alexandria W vs Targoviste W2,5 over๐Ÿ‘1-2
RUSSIA.FNLAvangard Kursk vs Shinik2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-2 - 2.20
SPAIN.2Racing Ferrol vs Melilla2,5 over๐Ÿ‘3-3 - 2.14
TURKEY.2Bandirmaspor vs Ergene Velim.2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-1
TURKEY.2Kastamonuspor vs Van Bรผyรผksehir2,5 over๐Ÿ‘0-3
TURKEY.3Kemerspor 2003 vs Kocaelispor2,5 over๐Ÿ‘1-2
TURKEY.3Somaspor vs Pazarspor2,5 over๐Ÿ‘2-3 - 2.00
ITALY.CCasertana vs Avellino2,5 over2-0 unlucky
BELGIUM.AMRFC Liege vs Seraing2,5 over1-1 unlucky
GERMANY.OHUnion Tornesch vs Niendorfer TSV2,5 over1-1 unlucky
GERMANY.OHSV Neuhof vs Eddersheim2,5 over1-1 unlucky
GERMANY.ONFC Kleve vs Bocholt2,5 over1-1 unlucky
GERMANY.ONUnion Nettetal vs SC Velbert2,5 over1-1 unlucky
GERMANY.OWPaderborn B vs Sport. Siegen2,5 over1-1 unlucky
NETHERLANDS.DRKVV DEM vs EVV2,5 over1-1 unlucky
NETHERLANDS.DHSC 21 vs Lienden2,5 over1-1 unlucky
TURKEY.3Kozan Bld. vs Cizrespor2,5 over1-1 unlucky
BELGIUM.AMHarelbeke vs Mandel United2,5 over0-2 unlucky
COSTA RICASaprissa vs AD Grecia2,5 over0-2 unlucky
EURO 2020Luxemburg - Portugal2,5 over0-2 unlucky
DENMARK.1Skive vs Kolding IF2,5 over0-2 unlucky
SPAIN.2Prat vs Espanyol B2,5 over0-2 unlucky
EURO 2020Bulgaria - Czech Rep.2,5 over1-0 shame
GERMANY.RNNorderstedt vs Lรผneburger2,5 over1-0 shame
RUSSIA.FNLBaltika vs SKA Khabarov2,5 over1-0 shame
TURKEY.3Altindag Bld. vs Karacabey2,5 over1-0 shame
TURKEY.3Darica G.Birlig vs Diyarbekirspor2,5 over1-0 shame
ARGENTINA.BUAI Urquiza vs Talleres2,5 over0-1 shame
BELGIUM.AMBerchem Sport vs Eendracht Aalst2,5 over0-1 shame
BRAZIL.AGremio vs Flamengo2,5 over0-1 shame
GERMANY.ONNiederwenigern vs Cronenberger2,5 over0-1 shame
JAPAN.3Fujieda MYFC vs Cer. Osaka U232,5 over0-1 shame
ARGENTINA.BSacachispas vs Acassuso2,5 over0-0 shame
BELGIUM.AMWijgmaal vs Pepingen-Halle2,5 over0-0 shame
RUSSIA.FNLRotor Volgograd vs Krasnodar B2,5 over0-0 shame
SPAIN.2Tudelano vs Real Sociedad B2,5 over0-0 shame

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