26 December 2018 Free Soccer Predictions by OrganicBet.com

26 December 2018 Free Soccer Predictions by OrganicBet.com. Tips are only shared on this website & TWITTER/organicbet so Please check these places everyday..

ENGWatford - Chelsea2,5 over1-2 won
BELOostende - St. Truiden2,5 over1-1 lost
ENG2Norwich - NottinghamBTS YES3-3 won
ENG2Preston - Hull2,5 over1-2 won
ENG2Swansea - Aston Villa2,5 over0-1 lost
ENG2Swansea - Aston VillaBTS YES0-1 lost
ENG2Scunthorpe - Luton2,5 over0-2 lost
ENG2Sunderland - Bradford City2,5 over1-0 lost
ENG2Newport Co - Forest GreenBTS YES1-4 won
IREBallymena - ColeraineBTS YES3-3 won
IRECliftonville - Crusaders2,5 over1-5 won
SCOAberdeen - CelticBTS YES3-4 won
WALBarry - Cardiff Metropolitan2,5 over2-1 won
5 lost
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