6 July 2019 Soccer Predictions Daily and Free by OrganicBet.com

6 July 2019 Free Soccer Predictions by OrganicBet.com. Tips are only shared on this website & TWITTER/organicbet so Please check these places everyday…

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AUS.NPL11:30Sutherland Sharks - Marconi Stallions2,5 over1.53πŸ‘0-3
SINGAPORE12:30Young Lions - Albirex Niigata2,5 over1.50πŸ‘1-2
JAPAN13:00Avispa Fukuoka - Gifu2,5 over2.20πŸ‘1-3
SOU.KOR13.00Seoul - Gangwon2,5 over1.86πŸ‘2-2
THAILAND13:45Sukhothai - Chiangmai FC2,5 over1.87πŸ‘1-2
CHINA14.30Qingdao Huanghai - Zhejiang Greentown2,5 over1.55πŸ‘2-1
CHINA14:35Beijing Guoan - Wuhan Zall2,5 over1.61πŸ‘3-0
THAILAND15:00Chainat - Trat FC2,5 over1.87πŸ‘3-2
FINLAND17.00Jaro - KTP2,5 over1.89πŸ‘3-2
FINLAND17.00MyPa - Ekenas2,5 over1.70πŸ‘0-3
BELARUS18:00Baranovici - Naftan2,5 over1.48πŸ‘1-2
FINLAND19:30Hercules - PK-372,5 over1.42πŸ‘3-0
FINLAND19:30KuFu-98 - JBK2,5 over1.50πŸ‘4-1
CANADA01:30Hamilton City - Scarborough B.2,5 over1.50πŸ‘1-4
BRAZIL.C02:00Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa2,5 over2.07πŸ‘2-1
CANADA02:00Waterloo - Serbian W. E.2,5 over????πŸ‘1-2
USA.USL02:00Carolina Dynamo - Lionsbridge2,5 over????πŸ‘3-2
USA.USL03:00Tormenta - Forward Madison2,5 over????πŸ‘1-2
CANADA03:30Brantford - Vorkuta2,5 over????πŸ‘1-3
USA.USL03:30Memphis - Hartford Athletic2,5 over????πŸ‘4-1
USA.USL03:30Rio Grande - Tacoma Defiance2,5 over????πŸ‘2-2
USA.USL03:30Saint Louis FC - Loudoun2,5 over????πŸ‘2-2
USA.USL05:00Southern California - Orange County SC II2,5 over????πŸ‘1-2
USA.USL05:00Ventura - Golden State Force2,5 over????πŸ‘2-1
INDONESIA14:30PSIS Semarang - Persela Lamongan2,5 over1.882-0
BRAZIL.C00:00ABC - Treze PB2,5 over1.872-0
USA.USL02:00New York U23 - Cedar2,5 over????2-0
USA.USL02:00Treasure Coast - Lakeland Tropics2,5 over????2-0
THAILAND16:00Ratchaburi - Port MTI FC2,5 over1.801-1 unlucky
FINLAND17.00Lahden Reipas - NJS2,5 over1.641-1 unlucky
SWED.117:00Rynninge - Sylvia2,5 over1.401-1 unlucky
USA.USL23:00Chicago United - Cincinnati Dutch Lions2,5 over1.581-1 unlucky
USA.USL01:00Miami City - Florida Elite2,5 over1.551-1 unlucky
USA.USL05:30Portland 2 - Tulsa Roughnecks2,5 over????1-1 unlucky
CANADA22:30HFX Wanderers - York 92,5 over2.551-0
USA.USL02:30Daytona - Sarasota2,5 over????1-0
USA.MLS05:30San Jose Earthquakes - Real Salt Lake2,5 over1.501-0
ECUADOR01:00Olmedo - LDU Quito2,5 over1.930-2
AUS.NPL11:00Altona Magic - Heidelberg Utd2,5 over1.500-1
ESTONIA19:00Tulevik - Tammeka2,5 over1.910-1
VIETNAM13:00Long An - Can Tho2,5 over1.850-0
PHIL.10:30Stallion - Ceres2,5 over1.48POST.

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